Melania Trump Hot Sauce!

Melania Trump Hot Sauce!
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Melania Trump Hot Sauce! I Like It HOT!!!

Melania Trump Hot Sauce is the perfect combination of flavor and heat. Made with a blend of vinegar, cayenne peppers, salt, garlic, and natural spices, it adds a delicious kick to any dish. Refrigerate after opening for maximum freshness. This hot sauce is inspired by the former model and now American citizen, Melania Trump. With her Slovakian roots and her marriage to Donald Trump, Melania is a unique and inspiring figure. Add a subtle hint of heat or a fiery blast to your favorite dishes with this hot sauce - and remember, if you can dream it, you can become it!


  • Vinegar
  • Cayenne Peppers
  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Natural Spices

Refrigerate after opening. 

Melania Trump Facts

     FORMER MODEL: This Slovakian born stunner and now an American Citizen, was a model in her younger days, and actually started her modelling career at the tender age of 5! By 16, she was doing professional commercials and was familiar face to many. 

     MARRIED DONALD TRUMP: At Melania and Donald's wedding reception, the piano man himself, Billy Joel, serenaded the crowd with "Just the Way You Are," and offered a tongue-in-cheek rendition of "The Lady and the Tramp". 

     PLAGIARISM FOUL UP: Melania Trump was uniquely positioned in the crosshairs of the plagiarism patrol, after she (and/or the speechwriter, Meridith McIver, who took the blame) lifted portions of a Michelle Obama speech in July. Several journalists quickly noticed that one of Melonia Trump's hopeful mantras - "if you can dream it, you could become it" - was uttered first by Donald Trump's Second wife, Marla Maples, in 2011. 


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